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The Berklee Alumni GRANT REPORT


Initial format: Powerpoint

More about the Print Media Archive

We have amassed a large library of actual (hard copy) articles from the past 15 years, written about BHHA members and are working diligently to catalog them. We will also track ongoing articles as well! Once they are catalogued, and cross-referenced, we will create a database and content list. Artists will be able to request copies from us (exclusively for use in press kits!)

The BHHA Civil Rights Paver

The BHHA, with help from members, purchased an engraved brick paver to be added to the concourse at The Civil Rights Movement Museum in Albany, GA; housed at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. The church, an integral meeting place for Civil Rights leaders in the church and community, was where Dr. Martin Luther King held professional residence while he worked with SNCC and other activists toward an equal society. 

The Mt. Zion Baptist Church Civil Rights Museum of Albany offers contributors the chance to buy a paver on the museum's outdoor concourse not only as a way to raise funds to preserve their exhibit, archive, and educational programming, and toward the restoration fund for the building, but as a way to state that the dedicated paver represents a continued march toward freedom, victory, and unity.

We put out a call to our members to contribute toward the cost of the paver, the difference from which we paid. (more)

We thank those who were able to contribute and for those who could not make a financial donation at this time, we thank them also for continuing to strive toward the mission to continue the work of those who preceded us in the walk toward the real and meaningful implementation that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL and judged exclusively for the content of their CHARACTER.

We are honored to participate in such an effort toward the legacy of the past and future. The names of the financial contributors to the paver fund can be found  under COMMUNITY GIVING. Together we can make a difference.

Our paver will be called THE BOSTON HIP-HOP ALLIANCE. 


The BHHA Berklee Campus Chapter

Established February, 2007 as an OFFICIAL Berklee student club!


Student Chapter President 2007:

            Shant Koutoujian 

Student Chapter President 2007-08: 

            Justen Pittman



Educational Outreach 2006-07

Girls, Inc. - Workshop Leader about Women in Hip-Hop 2006

Berklee/Essence Hip-Hop Summit 2006

Lecturer, Berklee Teachers on Teaching 2006

Workshop Leader at Mayor Menino’s Peace Boston Hip-Hop Reconstruction Conference and Festival 2006

Lecturer, Fisher College 2006

Advised students from Emerson, Northeastern, Boston College, Boston University, Norfolk University, and Harvard 2006

Preliminary Judge for Essence/Berklee Competition 2006

Lecturer, Harlem Book Fair of Roxbury 2006

Lecturer, Suffolk University 2007


Panelist and Workshop Leader: Berklee Music Business Dept. first-ever Business of Hip-Hop Workshop 2007


Panelist: Bentley College The Business of Hip-Hop Symposium

Establishment of BHHA Berklee Campus Chapter

Presenter at Critical Breakdown and Youth Truth

Volunteer at Hip-Hop Mecca and the True Hip-Hop Culture Program 


Workshop Participation ‘06-07

Critical Breakdown 2006

Mass Industry Committee Hip-Hop Awards 2006

Peace Boston’s Hip-Hop Day of Atonement 2007 as a Presenter

BostonCares Panel about Byron Hurt’s film Beyond Beats and Rhymes 2007

Berklee/Essence Hip-Hop Summit 2007

The Mass Industry Hip-Hop Awards - musical participation

Scheduled to Serve on Panel about Race and Hip-Hop in ‘08 


The Best Way to Help the Gulf Coast is to Visit

Highlighting Mississippi and Louisiana Gulf Coast arts and tourism, one business at a time! We hope to build with you as they rebuild!


Purpose: To draw visibility to Gulf Coast businesses and to encourage tourism to Gulf Coast attractions.While the campaign is still in development, our website is the first installment. We are reaching out to Gulf Coast businesses and people that cater to tourism, dining, hospitality, fine arts, performing arts, and educational attractions and posting their website links on our site.We only post links for those who directly permit us to do so based on our outreach to them.We hope that you will encourage your colleagues and friends in the community to send us their website addresses for immediate posting. There is absolutely no fee or obligation involved. We just want this program to grow and to and provide an additional outlet for the visibility of Gulf Coast businesses as they continue to rebuild. The campaign will take time to expand, but we are off to a great start.

Gulf Coast Campaign Logos


Who Has Signed Up So Far on the Gulf Coast page…




Catfish Charlie

Chefs of the Coast

Crescendo Worldwide

eFitness and Wellness Center

Gulf Coast Vacation Planner

MS Gulf Coast on MyLocalHotSpots


MS Wellness Foundation

Saenger Theater

Subtle Shot

Turkey Creek Community Initiatives




Darrin Brumley

Henry Butler

Hands on New Orleans

Amanda Henkel

Hobnobbers Variety Bar

Hood Prep Clothing

Let’s Rebuild/Save New Orleans

Mark Kerr, Ltd. 

New Orleans Museums Online

New Orleans Online

New Orleans’ Piano Man

NOLA Bands

Rabadash Records

Porter Batiste Stoltz

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble



Dave Robison

David T. Wright



Citizen Action Team

Let’s Rebuild!

Jake’s Friends

Relief Database


Publicity Sponsorships We've Given



National Hip-Hop Political Convention Concert for Sudanese Relief featuring dead prez, Immortal Technique, Goapele, Wordsworth, Oddisee and Asheru, Deux Process, One Be Lo, The Chapter, Coach D, and Live Soul. 

The Boston Beat Battle 2006

Numark/Alesis/Akai Milestones 2006, hosted by Fab Five Freddy and which presented awards to legends DJ Premier, DMC, Grand Wizzard Theodore, Grandmixer DXT, Alchemist, Jazzy Joyce, DJ Marley Marl, Bruce Swedien, Al Kooper, and the late Michael Brecker 


The Harlem Book Fair of Roxbury

The Mass Industry Committee Hip-Hop Awards 2007

Peace Boston

Additional Projects

The BHHA Directory

BHHA Discounts

BHHA Performer Exchange Program

Gospel Hip-Hop Page

BHHA at Berklee


Volunteer Pool



The Grant Allocations


Correspondence to Gulf Coast businesses and leaders

Office/Operations Supplies

Partnership on two Mass Industry Committee professional development and community related events

Portion of internet ops/hosting expense

Print Archive Supplies (files, photo albums, portion of scanner cost, some film development

Promotional materials

Transportation to Educational Speaking Engagements 

 $1200 spent