Vision. Visibility. Voice.

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BHHA Mission

Vision. Visibility. Voice.

The BHHA holds these fundamental truths:

1. We do not seek to absorb or to be absorbed by any other entity

2. We seek to serve as an additional positive, educational, community, and professional development resource in support of Hip-Hop and related professionals around the country and abroad. (Resources include but are not limited to: Seminars, cross-promotion, working on projects with other members, professional development, and the Community Directory - in progress.)

3. We work to devise programs that do not conflict or interfere with projects of others, so that we can have diversified programming happening among and initiated by our members at the same time (to create an even larger and stronger front in the city.)

4. We aim to connect as many people to each other as possible so that over time, we design a community fabric from the wide variety of threads

5. Membership is free and voluntary. Level of involvement is also up to you.


The Boston Hip-Hop Alliance (A.K.A. the BHHA) seeks to serve as an additional resource for the continued elevation of a wide variety of Hip-Hop styles, methods, approaches, and disciplines. We work toward the improvement of the experience of Hip-Hop professionals, both in Boston and in the entertainment industry as a whole.

We seek not only to befriend established organizations, but to also contribute to this community. We plan to consistently find and nurture opportunities that bridge divides and facilitate working relationships among varied entities whenever possible. We strive to act as a conduit and facilitator of professional connections.

We hope is to partner with various organizations, offering support in whatever way feasible, and also to design our own programming as well.

We seek to serve as an education source about the Music Industry, and to assist in the professional and artistic development of our members whenever feasible.

We seek to provide an additional exchange for people to find resources that support their own project goals.

The BHHA's model is a concourse, where people can easily locate many independently-operating businesses, talent, and services from a vast array of professional pursuits.

We embrace diverse ideas, cultures, academic methods and advocate for the honor, education about, and respect of Hip-Hop, voicing its impact on culture and society, as a piece of the lineage of the many contributions of African-Americans and of the African diaspora in American arts and business.

We also respect and appreciate the global influences that have participated in Hip-Hop music.

As of yet, the BHHA is a non-financial organization. If we ever do decide to become a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status, it will be for the betterment of the community and expansion of professional opportunities that fortify the goals of service for our members. 

Modified 6/3/09