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The BHHA in the News

The TAB Community Newspapers

A nice piece in the Cambridge Tab - many thanks to the paper and Eddie Shoebang for this!! It's a VERY GOOD LOOK for which I am very appreciative. Just for added clarity, I made some minor notes below. Enjoy! Darcie 

* My advice is most often free but there are services that "... Ask Darcie" does charge some money for (though it's a really artist-friendly level.) 

* The BHHA asks members to agree to a code of conduct but we do not censor the music of our members. While we appreciate music that is conscious, we know tht not all conscious music is pretty and happy. We do understand and appreciate music that is stark and real. We encourage that music expressing real talk be real talk with a purpose. 

* The BHHA is not just local - we have members worldwide 

I gave them many more links than they were able to include in the piece due to space.

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Oscar Micheaux Repertory Theater

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Darcie on NPR alongside Essence Magazine's Cynthia Gordy

The Berklee Groove (December 2004) has us listed in their news!

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Prominent spot thanks to!

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