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Our organization, ADVANCING HIP-HOP for EDUCATION, ACTIVISM and DEVELOPMENT (AHhead), fights for the anti-defamation of Hip-Hop Culture. We also fight for non-violence and are helping at-risk youths who are effected by violence at home and abroad and who represent Hip-Hop culture. Our model is Peace, Unity, Love & Having Fun. We would like to compensate 10 percent of any grant and/or sponsorship received and will sign an agreement to such.

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what we stand for/who we are============== ADVANCING HIP-HOP for EDUCATION, ACTIVISM and DEVELOPMENT (AHhead), redefines our culture through Martin Luther King's non-violent methods and model. We embrace Hip-Hop Culture and the youths to promote healthy realtionships in families, communities and business. What we do and stand for: NAME AHHEAD (acronym for) ADVANCING HIP-HOP for EDUCATION ACTIVISM and DEVELOPMENT PURPOSE To redirect the energies of our youths towards a positive, productive path of spiritual, social, political and financial success by harnessing the natural fire inside each individual, utilizing Hip-Hop's four spiritual principles as our model: Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun COMMUNITY ACTIVISM AHhead will plan and execute anti-violence campaigns in crime-ridden, high-risk areas through peaceful cookouts, door-to-door campaigning, planned neighborhood trips and "Movies in the Hood" (showcasing movies free of charge to area youths at local community centers AHhead will work side by side with key community figures in helping to spread the word to area youths about issues that effect and concern the youth. AHhead will progressively campaign to reestablish the openings of community centers throughout our region so youths may have a place to mingle and fellowship peacefully. AHhead will work closely with religious organizations to bring spiritual change and enlightenment to those in need, and to bridge the gap between Hip-Hop culture and the Gospel. SOCIAL SERVICES AHhead plans to create alternative programs for at-risk youths and youth offenders reentering society. Some of these programs shall include but are not limited to: job placement, family advice & counseling services, parenting assistance, conflict resolution and domestic violence awareness & counseling Ahead will aggressively campaign for winter food drives and Free Turkey drives for underprivileged and homeless individuals during the area's colder months. AHhead also promises to re-launch the free summer lunch program to ensure our younger parents are properly educated on nutrition for their children and families. AHhead will assist teen parents with financial planning, parenting seminars and higher education planning through workshops, seminars and alliances with established organizations specializing in either area of interest. CULTURAL EXPRESSION AHhead will continuously police the expression of the culture in mass media and in music and art, holding artists and media professionals accountable for defamation of the culture's credibility, integrity and spiritual principals. AHhead will make public any and all negative nuances, stances and other propaganda against the culture and shall forever promote the consciousness, peace and unity of the culture through all forms of artistic and cultural expression.

Compensation: ten percent of any and all grants received

This is at a non-profit organization.
Reprinted with permission from this organization.

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